Vocals & Artists

Voice Cutz is our professional voice work branch used in Commercials, Advertisements, Jingles, Telephone, Television, Video games, Audiobooks, Cartoons and Documentaries.

Professional Cheer Custom Vocals are the perfect thing to help your team stand out. You can write your vocals, or let Custom Cutz do it for you. Either way our vocalists will bring your music to life. Our Male and Female vocalists are the perfect touch for every mix. Here are some styles to chose from:

  • Team Names (Male/Female)
  • Program Shout Outs (Team/Program names)
  • Cheer (Program Cheers style )
  • Raps (2-8 or 4-8 eight counts)
  • Runway (Diva voice overs, Runway style, Vogue Style)
  • Vocal Song (Female, write lyrics specific for your team, lyrics sung to highlight sections of the routine)
  • Commercial Voice (Male, Spoken word to highlight and sell a product)


Third Party Outside Artists are also available upon request and availability.

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