Custom Cutz Policies

Your custom mix must be paid in full prior to Custom Cutz starting the mix.  Once payment has been processed we will begin the labor on your mix.  We accept online payments via PayPal, or check.

Purchase Orders:
We do NOT accept purchase orders. We can provide a W9 form if the school requires this by contacting us at  No mix will begin production until full payment has been received from your school.

Music Production:
We work on a first come, first serve basis, so after we have received all your information for the mix, (8 count sheets/video, Customer Info Sheet, and payment) we will place you into the music rotation.  It is our goal to be fair about the order we create mixes.  All our customers are important to us.  We advertise a 2 week turnaround.

Licensed Music File Delivery:
Once your USA Cheer compliant mix is completed, we will email an mp3 file to you upon request.

Cancelled Orders:
If you wish to cancel your order, you can do so by contacting us as soon as possible. Orders cannot be cancelled when your mix is already in the production phase. You will be responsible for the amount of time that we put into the music. You may get a partial refund, depending on how much time has already been put into the music. If you have placed an order for music and we have already recorded custom voiceovers for your music, you will be responsible for that cost. We reserve the right to terminate any order. In the event that your order has been cancelled, you will be notified by Custom Cutz.

Privacy Policy:
We do not rent, sell, or distribute any emails or information that you provide us. In contracting CC to create a custom mix for your team, you agree to any and all terms listed on this page.

Licensed Cheer Mixes & Editing
Minor edits are included with our mixes.  CC uses a USA Cheer compliant company to mix routines for clients using covers.  Our prices can be found on the Prices Page.  Minor edits are described as adding and removing of Sound FX, speeding or slowing a section down, changing any voice over that Crasher or the CC artists have done.  Other edits are considered more than minor and would be charged at the rate of $75 an hour. These edits include: changing out a song, changing out any voice over not done by Crasher (an extra charge may be added depending on the vocalist), moving a section of routine around or a new reconstruction.  If you are changing any songs, then we will need to charge a $50 re-licensing fee.  Completion of the revisions can take up to 7-10 business days depending on the time of the year. (Sept-Dec will be 10-15 business days)

Please Note For All Mixes
Edits and Reconstructions are available for a fee of $75 an hour. If songs are changing in the mix a $50 re-licensing fee with be added. Completion of the revisions can take up to 7-10 business days depending on the time of the year. (Sept-Dec will be 10-15 business days)

By ordering from Custom Cutz Music Editing, LLC (CC), you are contracting CC to provide and perform a music mixing service for you and the program you represent.  We DO NOT give out refunds for mixes that have been finished.  Custom Cutz Music Editing, LLC (CC) or any of its Producers / Vocalists will not be held responsible for any loss of profits, damaged equipment, missed competitions, time deductions due to the length of your music (45-8ct @ 144bpm=2:30min, 46-8ct @ 148bpm=2:30min) or anything else due to the use of this website and/or our services or media formats. We will not be held responsible for any occurrence which revolves around email. All of your emails are responded to in a very timely manner.  By submitting your order, you accept and agree upon these terms and policies of CC, and you understand the contents of the terms and policies page.  We work with many programs from all over the world. With these terms in effect, it allows us to better serve you with the best customer service, time management, and the most creative custom music possible.

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