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Custom Cutz Original Mixes and Semi Original mixes can be ordered directly from Info@CustomCutzMusic.com.  Order your All Star, All Star Prep, High School/Rec, and College Mixes below.

* If you are not paying through the website, or you have a large order please contact us at Info@CustomCutzMusic.com for your order.  


AFFORDABLE – Cheaper Custom Templates

Templates are being updated, currently they are not available.


CREATE  – Semi Original Mixes for High School/Rec, All Star Prep, All Star, & College teams from 1:30 to 2:30 Custom Mix

* This is Our Most Popular Order

Create Mix Routine Length


COVER Song Add Ons – This is an extra cost added to any Create Mix to add a Cover song to your mix.

When Ordering Cover Mixes, know that this is an add on to the Create Mix.  You will need to order the length of Create Mix you would like then order the number of Cover songs you are interested in.

Cover Mix Routine Length
List Cover Songs Below


DESTROY – Original 2:30 Custom Mix 45 8 counts

* For All Star Teams Only – all custom 

Destroy Mix


Once you have contacted Custom Cutz Music, we will receive your order and a due date will be scheduled for you to receive your final mix.  Custom Cutz will provide you with all the information sheets and 8 count sheets necessary for Custom Cutz to COVER, CREATE or DESTROY your mix!!!

Listen to samples of Original “Create” Work:

Visit our Samples Page for more mixes!

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