Order Custom Music

Custom Cutz Original Mixes and Semi Original mixes can be ordered directly from Info@CustomCutzMusic.com.  Order your All Star, All Star Prep, High School/Rec, and College Mixes below.

* If you are not paying through the website, or you have a large order please contact us at Info@CustomCutzMusic.com for your order.  ______________________________________________________________

CREATE  – Semi Original Mixes for High School/Rec, All Star Prep, All Star, & College teams from 1:30 to 2:30 Custom Mix

* This is Our Most Popular Order

Create Mix Routine Length


Once you have contacted Custom Cutz Music, we will receive your order and a due date will be scheduled for you to receive your final mix.  Custom Cutz will provide you with all the information sheets and 8 count sheets necessary for Custom Cutz to COVER and CREATE your mix!!!


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