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CUSTOM MUSIC AS EASY AS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8!

Receive custom template music at half the price of custom music. Buy a custom template mix and you get to keep the 8 count sheet that matches it. Use it to set up the routine that will match exactly to your music. Not only do you get Custom Music starting at $300, but with the 8 count sheet you actually are getting a routine layout and the counts for all aspects of your routine. This is perfect for those programs that don’t have the funds to hire a choreographer to come to them. Also perfect for the programs that like to choreograph their routines to the music. It’s like having the choreographer come to you without all the cost. Easy, Affordable, Choreography (on paper), and Custom Music.

1, Listen to, review, and choose a template pack
2, Fill out the template form (include your information)
3, Choose 8 songs to customize your mix from
4, Choose 6-8 counts of voice overs to customize your mix *
5, List any additional requests
6, Review our Customer Client Agreement & Pay
7, Download in 3 business days your mix
8, Enjoy your Affordable Custom Mix

*(Female VO’s are extra)

Once you purchase your affordable custom cheer music you will be directed to the Custom Cutz Music Form. Fill out all the information, then submit the form, it couldn’t be easier!

“5,6,7,8” Template

“ALL-STAR” Template

“CHAMPION” Template 

“CRASH” Template 

“POWER” Template

“WESTCOAST” Template

“VARSITY” Template 

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